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Advisors and Production Team

Media Working Group (MWG) works collaboratively with teachers, artists and scholars to develop curricula and teaching resources to further the impact of their documentaries. For Coal Black Voices we worked with a curriculum advisory group and web producers that included teachers, professors, cultural activists and media producers.

  • C. Daniel Dawson - Scholar and lecturer of African Diaspora and its impact on American culture.
  • Jean Donohue - Project and web production coordinator, MWG.
  • Allan Fricker, Teacher, Hughes High School for Teaching and Technology.
  • Fred Johnson - Curriculum development designer and coordinator, MWG and University of Massachusetts Boston.
  • Tim Kraus - History teacher and curriculum consultant, MWG and Hughes High School Center for Teaching and Technology.
  • Gurney Norman- Professor of English and writer, University of Kentucky, Appalachian literary traditions and Affrilachian Poets.
  • Jack Wright, writer, Appalachian cultural activist, Ohio University.
  • Randall Wright - Web design and production, Media Working Group and Wright Designs.
  • Dr. Kris Yohe, Professor of African American Literature, Northern Kentucky University.



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Advisors and Web Production Team

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